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Awakening and flourishing women's careers and vocations in STI through international gender equality awareness


This prototype aims at making flourish women STI careers by awakening and maintaining alive vocations in women along their lives through international gender equality awareness.


The content and strategies designed to encourage female careers in STI have been oriented independently to specific programs for childhood, mentorship at universities, and collective support actions for women's careers in STI (W-IEEE, ACM-W, W-HPC, Latinas in Computing, etc.) The statistics show a gap between girls and young adults joining STI and the number of women deciding to build lifelong STI careers worldwide. The strategies and actions are often not global and too specific. The suspicion is that there is an existent gap not addressed by actions, thus, this prototype aims to build bridges between GirlsLead@STI to WomenLead@STI by studying and understanding these actions at an international level.

Actions to be implemented

1)Study of existing digital content about female careers empowerment: gathering and integrating digital content that creates awareness about existing opportunities, actions, best practices and results at the international level.

2) Exhibiting the limitations of content and strategies (from an international perspective) that have prevented going a step further in the empowerment of female careers in STI in a broader dimension.

3) Proposing new digital contents to create awareness about the need to bridge the gap between GirlsLead@STI to WomenLead@STI as a sine qua non condition to empower careers in STI as a lifelong project.

4) Exhibition “Broken bridge between GirlsLead@STI to WomenLead@STI” at the Gender STI final conference (artistic action)

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