Gender STI Final Conference - “Breaking Barriers: Advancing Gender Equality in International Science, Technology, and Innovation Cooperation”

Gender STI Final Conference of the project titled, “Breaking Barriers: Advancing Gender Equality in International Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation" aimed to present the Gender STI policy recommendations action plan along with other relevant outcomes of the project, such as the mapping on gender equality in STI bilateral and multilateral agreements, and to promote the European Observatory on Gender in STI.

The event gathered scientists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, sectors, and countries to discuss, share, and collaborate on strategies and solutions to promote gender equality in STI on an international level. The Gender STI conference provided a space for discussion, collaboration, and networking advance gender equality in STI.

The conference was split into a hybrid event based in Madrid hosted on the 5th of October, and two virtual satellite sessions organized on 10th and 19th October. In total 125 participants took part in the Final Conference, 50 participants at the on-site event location for the one-day event and 75 participated online. The presentations showcased at the events can be found here.

Final Conference, One-Day Event, 5th October 2023

The topics of the conference were introduced by the Gender STI team. The Opening Ceremony was then rounded off with a keynote speech by Silvia Rueda Pascual from Spanish Ministry of Science, and Innovation.

The welcome session was followed by three keynote speeches:

  • "International co-operation based on principles and values" - Martin Penny, from DG R&I's Global Approach and International Co-operation Directorate.
  • "Inclusive Policies and Practices of Gender Equality in R&I" - Karen Salt, from UK Research & Innovation.
  • "Gender in Science, Technology and Innovation: new frontiers in applying a gender lens" - Alice Abreu, from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Then, Yolanda Ursa from Inmark and Gabriela Ferreira from University of São Paulo presented on the results and achievements of Gender STI, and gender equality in STI dialogues.

Three round-table sessions were then organized to address scientific and political discussions, as a way of discussing topics related to gender and STI and to discuss the results of the project and gather feedback. These roundtables covered the following topics:

  • Policy strategies for gender equality in STI dialogues, moderated by Elisabeth Kohler, from the French National Centre for Scientific Research.
  • Recommendations for implementing gender equality in Research and Innovation, moderated by Maria Fernanda Cabrera from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
  •  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Research and Innovation, moderated by Jutta Treviranus from Ontario College of Art & Design University.

Before the closing session, Jorge Molina-Martinez, from the European Research Executive Agency, gave a final presentation with the concluding remarks on gender equality and STI dialogues.

Satellite Events, 10th & 19th October 2023

The satellite activities consisted of two virtual 90-minute events, which covered the following topics: Intersectionality and Inclusion in International Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation and Gendered Content in International Research and Innovation.

Both events led to enriched discussions with leading experts such, Jutta Treviranus, from Ontario College of Art & Design University, Shirley Malcom, from American Association for the Advancement of Science and May Wang, from Georgia Institute of Technology were the speakers. As well as Hélène Molinier, from UN Women, Katja Toropainen, from Inklusiiv and Essi Laitinen, from VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland were the speakers.

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