June 20, 2023

Gender Equality Policies
2022 Report on Gender Equality in the EU
The report focuses on gender equality actions by EU institutions and Member States. It showcases some inspiring practices and innovative projects.
Gender Equality in Scientific Careers
Cracking the Gender Code: Get 3X more women in computing
Report developed by Accenture and Girls Who Code outlining how the share of women in computing jobs is in decline and suggests that despite the universal access to computing in schools the gender gap is still a challenge to overcome.
Gender Equality Policies
Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025
This Gender Equality Strategy frames EU's Commission’s work on gender equality and sets out the policy objectives and actions for 2020-2025
Gender Equality Policies
ACT European Policy Brief
This report provides policy feedback, analysis, and recommendations on the Act project, which set up and promote an international network of communities of practice in charge of accelerating gender equality and institutional change in research and innovation across Europe through advance knowledge and collaborative learning in the European Research Area.
Gender Equality in Scientific Careers
Action towards Gender Equality
Presentation developed by CONICET, autarchic entity that depends on Argentina’s Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI). The document outlines the context of female researchers in Latin America, and actions to be implemented regarding the promotion of gender equality in STI.
Gender Equality in Scientific-Careers
Awakening and flourishing women's careers and vocations in STI through international gender equality awareness
This prototype aims at making flourish women STI careers by awakening and maintaining alive vocations in women along their lives through international gender equality awareness.
Gender Equality in Scientific Careers
Beautiful Patterns: empowering young women through education in Computational Thinking
This study seeks to empower adolescents through education. Developing algorithmic thinking skills of young women -taught by women students from high impact U.S. universities- Beautiful Patterns helps adolescents’ girls to learn and apply new skills in computational thinking and programming through grassroots leaders and Universities in Mexico.
Gender Equality in Scientific Careers
Bridging the gender gap in STEM: Strengthening opportunities for women in research and innovation
Leaflet gathering the highlights of eight pioneering EU-funded projects supporting the goal of gender equality and inclusiveness in STEM. Strengthening women’s participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields is not only a matter of equal opportunities and social justice, but also crucial to meet pressing societal challenges like the twin green and digital transitions.
Gender Content in STI
Challenging the Gender Equality norm in STI fields
Abstract presented at the Eu-SPRI 2022 conference “Challenging Science and Innovation Policy", Utrecht, 1-3 June 2022. It explores the arguments and pathways for moving from quantitative gender equality towards qualitative inclusivity in research and innovation content, challenging the gender equality norm in the STI fields.