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The Observatory houses a wide range of reports, policy briefs, videos and infographics shared by stakeholders supporting gender mainstreaming in STI.

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The resources provided by the Observatory consider materials about different Gender STI topics, work areas as well as research studies gathered from diverse projects by stakeholders in EU Member States, Associated Countries and 10 selected third countries.

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Gender Equality Policies
ACT European Policy Brief
This report provides policy feedback, analysis, and recommendations on the Act project, which set up and promote an international network of communities of practice in charge of accelerating gender equality and institutional change in research and innovation across Europe through advance knowledge and collaborative learning in the European Research Area.
Gender Dimension Content in R&I
Challenging the Gender Equality norm in STI fields
Abstract presented at the Eu-SPRI 2022 conference “Challenging Science and Innovation Policy", Utrecht, 1-3 June 2022. It explores the arguments and pathways for moving from quantitative gender equality towards qualitative inclusivity in research and innovation content, challenging the gender equality norm in the STI fields.
Gender Equality International Cooperation
Co - Design Labs Concept Note
The Co-Design Labs Concept Note aims help participants understand the challenges Gender STI focuses on and encourage them to develop solutions.
Gender Equality International Cooperation
Concept Note of Gender STI Framework
This framework builds a shared understanding on how to approach the gender perspective in dialogues with third countries in the area of STI.
Gender Equality in Scientific Careers
Do’s and Dont’s while degendering the STEM field
Guideline built on the results and insights gained from implementing measures and actions for gender equality and developing tailor-made GEPs in four European research performing organizations (RPOs).
Gender Dimension Content in R&I
Enhanced Gender Knowledge & New Content
Paper that presents the four literature studies that were elaborated within the GEECCO project, which aimed to provide an enhanced gender knowledge base for particular STEM research fields
Data resources

percentage of women are board leaders according to The She Figures 2021 publication, which uses the latest available statistics to monitor the state of gender equality R&I across Europe and beyond. 

percentage of Gender STI survey respondents consider that to achieve gender equality in scientific careers, the most important approach is gender equality in recruitment and career progression. 

percentage of people at European level working as scientists & engineers were female as stated in The She Figures 2021 publication. 

percentage of leadership positions are held by women in EU countries according to Gender STI Survey report. For 10 non-EU partner countries, the USA performs best with 40.7%.

percentage of women in Spain aged 15 to 74 for 2019 are employed in the field of Science & Technology as stated in the Gender STI report. Similarly, 50.39% percentage are employed as Scientists & Engineers.


percentage of the STI agreements contain gender-related content, from the 543 STI bilateral and multilateral agreements identified and collected in Spring-Autumn 2021 by The Gender STI Project. 


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