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Guide on integrating equity, diversity, and inclusion considerations in research

The NSERC entity strives to achieve a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive Canadian research enterprise. They consider that to achieve world-class research, we must address systemic barriers that limit the full participation of all talented individuals.

This guide consists of the following two sections:

  1. Equity, diversity, and inclusion considerations at each stage of the research process provides guidance on how to apply a critical EDI lens through the planning of research at each stage of the research process. It focuses on the research itself.
  2. Equity, diversity and inclusion considerations for research teams provides guidance for building and maintaining a high-performing diverse team that will be engaged in completing the research. It focuses on how the research environment can be made more accessible and inclusive, and how to provide equitable opportunities for all members of the team to engage with the work being conducted.

In addition to these two sections, this guide also includes a list of relevant resources, which provide additional information on how EDI can strengthen your research and enrich your research team. There is also a list of references and a glossary at the end of this guide.

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Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada