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DEI in R&I Leadership


This prototype explores what kind of capabilities, drivers and barriers, research and innovation leaders or managers have and should have for enhancing the integration of gender into R&D&I content.


Despite decades of gender equality interventions and a steadily increasing number of women in the STI fields, R&I content is still primarily not reflecting intersectional gender dimensions. One of the reasons for this is the lack of awareness and competencies of research and innovation leaders such as R&I managers, team leaders, or prominent scientists to include intersectional gender dimension into research and innovation content.

Actions to be implemented

To explore these issues, the prototype will develop a series of workshops and training that enhance the capacity-building for R&I leaders on the integration of intersectional gender dimensions in R&I content by developing a Gendered Innovation course for RDI managers as well as by elaborating blog posts and awareness-raising that help address the gender bias in RDI content.

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