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Gender and Innovation: Implications for Sustainable Development A GenderInSITE Policy Brief

The workshop "Gender and Innovation: Implications for Sustainable Development" workshop held in Pretoria, South Africa, in September 2017 aimed to elucidate the pathway from science to innovation, examine the gendered impacts of innovation, particularly regarding new technologies, and explore how STEM education can foster gender-inclusive innovation. It also sought to bridge the gap between STEM knowledge and policy-making for effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The outcomes underscored that adopting a gender lens enhances research and innovation for sustainable development, fosters inclusivity, and aligns with all SDGs. The brief notes a paradigm shift in viewing gender equity in science, emphasizing diversity and institutional change. Challenges persist, including understanding women's role in science and innovation and leveraging science, technology, and innovation for their support. Historically, gender-blind discussions on science and technology for development have now recognized gender as pivotal, highlighting the economic benefits of utilizing a country's full scientific potential. The brief concludes by offering actionable recommendations tailored to policymakers in developing nations.

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R. de P. Abreu