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Gender experts -network Institutional interlocutors to bridge understandings of different entities and institutions


This prototype aims to build a network of experts to interact as institutional interlocutors to bridge the understandings of different entities and institutions and provide expertise or practical support for the (national) research community.


Significant evidence demonstrates that biological and social differences between women, men, girls, boys, and gender-diverse people contribute to differences in their health. It should therefore be considered in health research and other fields, like social and technical sciences. Accounting for sex and gender in research can make research more rigorous, more reproducible, and more applicable to everyone. However, even if the facts of sex and gender relevance in research are known to the research community, the reality is that many researchers lack the capabilities to conduct gender-responsive R&D&I.

Actions to be implemented

1) Establish a network of sex and gender and inclusivity experts that will provide knowledge and assistance to research teams and researchers who want to integrate the gender dimension into their research design.

2) Organize research funding organizations to help to integrate and assess the gender dimension in research proposals.

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