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Guidelines for STI institutions towards diversity balance in the decision-making process at international STI activities


This prototype intends to provide STI institutions with guidance towards a more diversity balance in the decision-making process, based on the barriers that currently exist at all stages of the decision-making process, including the setting up of new leadership positions in STI institutions.


Women are underrepresented in decision-making processes and positions in areas such as politics, STI advisory groups and businesses; and men continue to dominate the STI field as well as the most powerful positions in society. There is a resistance towards gender-sensitivity issues in masculine contexts. Moreover, in some countries, there is no awareness of the under-representation of people with gender diversity in certain fields and therefore no specific measures are suggested to remedy the situation. Decision makers still don't see attention to the gap and gender perspective is not considered in the whole decision making process. On the other hand, decision makers' candidate selection processes often don’t comply with transparency and diversity. Biases exist in the recruitment procedure and also in the career progression.

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