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Taking diversity in research projects into account - How to make it work

This handbook offers suggestions for all those whose research relates to people or living matter or is intended for target groups who differ in many aspects (such as education, age, ethnicity, gender, etc.). In six chapters, key questions are used to stimulate the identification and integration of possible diversity aspects to achieve more innovative research results — for example by defining new variables or developing methods and incorporating them into publications.

This handbook is relevant for researchers in technology and natural sciences whose research, refers to humans or living matter and users who differ in a variety of aspects, such as gender, culture, education or age.

There are free note fields and a poster as a working document to visualize ideas and to illustrate an own project. 18 concrete examples from technology and natural sciences are additionally available online. References to literature, explanations and definitions of terms complete the handbook.

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TU Graz University of Technology