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The Observatory houses a wide range of reports, policy briefs, videos and infographics shared by stakeholders supporting gender mainstreaming in STI.

Training manual on ‘Inclusiveness in Research: a manual for research personnel and RTOs’

So far, STI fields have been deficient in responding effectively to diverse and systemic challenges due to a lack of gender-informed research.

How can we make research and innovation processes inclusive? Four (4) steps to promote inclusiveness.

Step 1. Consider your positionality as research personnel and innovators

Step 2. Consider if and how gender and intersectionality are relevant to your R&I process

Step 3. In projects that include non-Western partners, pay particular attention to the decolonization of the R&I process

Step 4. Consider inclusiveness as a process

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Experts to contact:

Giovanna Sanchez Nieminen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, giovanna.sanchez@vtt.fi

Essi Laitinen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, essi.laitinen@vtt.fi