Gender STI Participates in Argentina’s Second “Women and the Brain” Conference

Argentina's Second Women and the Brain Conference

The Gender STI project was proud to participate in the “Second Women and the Brain Conference: Myths, Realities, and Different Perspectives” hosted by the Neuroscience and Complex Systems Studies Department (ENyS) at CONICET and the Argentine Network on Gender, Science, and Technology (RAGCyT).

Gender STI presented the results of its “Survey on Gender Equality in STI Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements,” an international assessment of the state of gender equality in international cooperation. The survey analyzed bilateral and multilateral science, technology, and innovation (STI) agreements between European Member States and Associated Countries and selected third countries. 

Gender STI presented the results of its survey at the conference.

In particular, the survey sought to obtain insights on Gender STI’s three research areas: gender equality in scientific careers; gender equality in decision-making; and the integration of the gender dimension in R&I content.

The Second Women and the Brain Conference featured some of Latin America’s most prominent women leaders and researchers, all of whom strive to improve gender equality in STI. The speakers shared their experiences as women in the workplace and detailed how their research includes women.

“We want to keep fighting for the equal participation of women in science,” the organizers wrote. “We don’t want to be discriminated against, we don’t want to be made invisible. We want more women to join this sector without the need to navigate through glass ceilings.”

Gender STI was invited to participate in the conference by RAGCyT, which is a part of the project’s consortium. The project was represented by Yolanda Ursa, Gender STI’s scientific coordinator. She offered an overview of the survey results and the most notable findings, which can be viewed here

report on the survey’s results was submitted to the European Commission in November.

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