The Gender STI project participates in the Gender Equality and Inclusiveness workshop under the Multilateral Dialogue on Principles and Values in International R&I Cooperation

On April 4th, 2023, the Gender STI project participated in the thematic workshop on gender equality and inclusiveness, co-organized by the European Commission and Spain and joined by more than 80 representatives from 46 European and third countries. The online sessions aimed to achieve a common understanding of gender equality and inclusiveness values and principles for international cooperation in research and innovation.

From an international perspective, the Gender STI project showcased the commonalities between Europe and selected third countries on what needs to be done to include and improve gender equality in international cooperation in R&I. Furthermore, results from our project also identified cultural differences as one of the main barriers to integrate gender equality in dialogues between Europe and third countries.

Ensuring gender equality and inclusiveness is essential to increasing the competitiveness and societal relevance of R&I. At the European level, gender inequalities still prevail in the European R&I system, and there is a gap between the adoption of policies and strategies at both the EU and national levels and their implementation at the institutional level.

To address gender equality and inclusiveness challenges, the workshop discussed four relevant topics in parallel breakout sessions: the under-representation of women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) fields; women in leadership and decision-making positions; gender-based violence, including sexual harassment in the R&I system; and the low integration of a gender dimension in R&I content. Such space allowed participants to exchange information on mechanisms for tackling gender-related challenges, policies, initiatives, and practices adopting a multilateral perspective, creating a trusted collaboration environment in R&I, and working together towards achieving gender equality and inclusiveness.

Learn more about the event through the concept note and agenda.

Check out the Gender STI project presentation, including the main insights and takeaways.

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